Machine Translation

Machine Translation (MT) has never stopped evolving and improving

And it now plays a key role in the translation market, specially for large volumes of content. Where appropriate, MT will achieve cost reductions and process efficiencies, enabling you to translate a lot more content and deliver it faster.

MT is used for language segments that aren’t leveraged from Translation Memories. A post-editor translator will review the language segments, accept or amend them if necessary or manually translate them instead. The goal is to match the quality of a human translator.

Machine Translation
Neural MT

Neural MT (NMT)

NMT is based on artificial intelligence techniques and uses neural networks to predict translations based on context. We can train MT engines for high volumes of translation needs so that the output is more accurate and thus the process can be further optimized.
MT works well for technical, financial, and legal documents, but it doesn’t handle creative content like marketing content well. We can help you find the right balance.

Types of Machine Translation Services

RAW machine

Raw Machine MT

Raw machine translation is pure machine translation without any human editing. Raw MT should only be used in certain situations, such as for internal documents, large volumes of work, to get the meaning of something, and more.

Post-edited MT

Post-edited MT

When the translation needs to be 100% perfect, a human post-editing review is essential to ensuring quality and accuracy. While a machine translation is a good start, a human translator review is necessary to produce high-quality results.

We can help you determine which machine translation service is right for your needs

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