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If you are trying to expand into global markets, localization is essential. Localization is more than just translating words—it involves adapting content, whether it’s a website, software or multimedia, to reflect the intended message in a way that reaches a global audience. Our localization services involve collaborating with you to achieve your goals in expanding your markets into different languages, countries or regions. With 220+ languages, we have you covered.

Website localization

Website Localization

Website localization means analyzing all the different components of a website—text, graphics, images, colors, videos, currencies, dates, etc.—and adapting it for your target audience. The goal is to produce a website that looks like it was uniquely created for an audience.


Website localization may include internationalization, which is the process of designing or redesigning a product before it goes through translation so it can be adapted to various languages and locales with minimal changes during the translation process.
Internationalization involves an analysis of the transportation layer, design and content / formatting. For example, if you want to localize for Chinese, double-byte characters must be allowed in the development phase.
Website testing

Website Testing

Once localization is complete, testing is a necessity for website localization. Many different types of testing are possible, so it’s best to develop a test plan early on to ensure it is built into the schedule. After the translations are reviewed and tested, the site should also be reviewed in context by native speakers to eliminate any potential errors, text length, subtle language nuances, and more.

Software Localization

Is the process of adapting software to a specific market’s language and culture so that the audience feels like the product was designed specifically for them. For example, the navigation bar, the user interface and error messages should be adapted to fit the target audience’s culture.
Software localization involves the same tasks as website localization—internationalization, translation, and testing.

Multimedia Localization

Multimedia content includes videos, audio, animations, eLearning materials, and more. To reach global markets, multimedia content often needs to be localized for the target audience. Localizing multimedia content may involve subtitling, dubbing, and creating transcriptions. We offer a complete end-to-end media localization solution with expert native-speaking voiceovers, dedicated project managers, and video editors, combined with our artificial intelligence technologies.


Subtitling includes adding on-screen text to the original or localized dialogs with the right timing. Complementary services include burned-in subtitling, time-coding, closed captions, and subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH)


Dubbing involves translating a video or audio file dialogue into another language including voicing and lip synchronization (lip-sync). Complementary services include voice-over and script translation.
Transcription Services

Transcription Services

For your international growth, our experts help you communicate with new markets.
In today’s globalized world, communicating across borders often entails creating audio and video content. With MondragonLingua’s transcription services, you can accurately convert your recorded messages into written format – carried out by professionals. As many companies rely on international markets for growth, our expert teams help your business effectively communicate with new markets.
The precision of transcription is crucial in reflecting the original audio or video content with accuracy. Whether for translation or localization, we ensure that the language is individually adapted to the respective market. The outcome is a clear and effective message. Our unwavering focus on precision always results in accurate, top-quality deliverables for you.
Our project managers create a fully customized solution tailored to your specific requirements, including adapting the output formats to meet your needs. If you plan to add subtitles to the transcription, we can include time codes to facilitate their incorporation into your video. We also optimize the number of characters to ensure perfect readability and a seamless user experience.

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