Interpreting Services

Interpretation, Made Easier

Our interpretation services cover a range of possibilities:

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous lnterpretation

Performed in real time, in parallel to the speech spoken or signed. Typically requires technical equipment, such as cubicles, microphones or intercoms.
Consecutive interpretation

Consecutive lnterpretation

Rendered into the desired language once the speaker finishes, requiring note-taking and manual translation.

Escort/Travel lnterpretation

An actual human interpreter, handling the communication participation during sales meetings, visits, and much more.
Communicating in Different Languages

Over-the-Phone (OPI) Interpretation

Our professional interpreters are carefully selected for their domain expertise and ability to help clients on-demand, whenever the need arises. Contact us for language sets, availability and pricing. Over-the-phone interpretation offers additional flexibility. We take great pride in our customer service.

Whatever the Setting Success is Guaranteed

All the interpreters we use have extensive experience in interpreting, have the required technical knowledge, and are specialized in different professional sectors.
We have provided these services for both commercial and non-profit clients, and local, state and national government agencies.

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