Translation Memory (TM)

A Translation Memory (TM) is designed to translate content once, and use it forever

A key tool in the translation process, a translation memory is a database of the original content and aligned translation in other languages. Every time content is translated, it’s stored in the translation memory. The TM continues to grow with new content, so you can reuse the content in future projects. A well-managed TM will greatly improve the quality of the output. We generate a TM for each client.

Translation Memory

A translation memory is the heart of translation work. A TM helps to improve consistency and time-to-market, while reducing costs over time, given that it remembers previously translated content, which doesn’t need to be translated again.

Terminology management

Translation Memory and Terminology Management

A translation memory works in combination with a glossary, a database of specific and frequently used terms, to improve content consistency, reduce costs, and improve time-to-market.

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