Terminology Management

Terminology Management is essential for translation work

Many companies use specific terminology to talk about their company, brand, products, and services. Most industries also have industry-specific terminology. Identifying and managing terminology for the translation process helps to increase consistency, improve translation quality, decrease time-to-market, and reduce costs. Terminology management also preserves your brand’s integrity across multiple languages.

Terminology management
Terminology work

How Does Terminology Management Work?

Terminology is stored in a glossary (database) to use during the translation process. Managing terminology begins by extracting the terms that are used frequently and need to be consistent. The terms are added to the glossary as the foundation.

Terminology Management and Translation Memory

The glossary and translation memory work together during the translation process. When new terms are added to the glossary, the translation memory also gets updated. As more content gets added to these tools, the translator has more time to concentrate on the new text. Together, these tools are a powerful way of ensuring quality with less time spent in review and editing.
Terminology management

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