Translation Memory (TM)

Designed to translate content once, and use it forever

A key tool in the translation process, a translation memory is a database of the original content and aligned translation in other languages.
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Terminology Management

Terminology Management is essential for translation work

Terminology management also preserves your brand’s integrity across multiple languages.
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Machine Translation

Machine Translation (MT) has never stopped evolving and improving

And it now plays a key role in the translation market, specially for large volumes of content. Where appropriate, MT will achieve cost reductions and process efficiencies, enabling you to translate a lot more content and deliver it faster.
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Translation Management System (TMS)

Your window into the translation process

A Translation Management System (TMS) is a cloud-based project management platform that enables everyone on the translation team to work together in the same workspace, representing a truly end-to-end management system. A TMS is your window into the translation process.
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Translation Connectors and Integration

Off the Shelf and Bespoke Translation Connectors and APIs

We offer integrations and a suite of connectors with the most popular content management systems (CMSs).
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