How to successfully manage urgent translation projects

When a large corporation with important translation needs is faced with a supplier approval process or organizing a tender process for translation services, one of the key aspects is to be able to depend on providers that have the capacity to respond to urgent translation orders. It is normal for this to be a concern,… […]

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Corporations, users and translation project managers often have the sensation that the process is terribly tedious and very inefficient, right from the moment the translation order is placed until its delivery. The versions that are sent to the translation company are not always the definitive ones, changes are made when the process is under way,… […]

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The 4 TOP challenges in the TRANSLATION PROCESS

The process for translating and localizing products and content for global markets is ever-changing. Machine Translation (MT) and Translation Management System (TMS) tools mean that organizations are translating faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. But this accelerated pace can make a localization managers’ head spin! We’ve asked our clients about the top challenges they face within the localization process, and we’ll share them here. […]

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