Corporations, users and translation project managers often have the sensation that the process is terribly tedious and very inefficient, right from the moment the translation order is placed until its delivery. The versions that are sent to the translation company are not always the definitive ones, changes are made when the process is under way, or even when the translation has been received.

These are situations that frequently repeat and when combined with the corresponding exchange of numerous emails containing different versions, this generates so much confusion about which is the prevailing version that the incorrect version may well be translated by mistake.

Not only this, but it is quite common for the person responsible for the translation in a corporation to have internal clients who are in a rush for the translation and pressuring to know the status of the order and the date or time of delivery (we professionals in the sector often joke about this, saying that no-one remembers about the translations until it’s time to launch). In these cases (and believe us, there are many!), those responsible for the translation have to call their translation agency, contact the project manager, request information about the project’s status, explain the urgency and transmit the information to their internal clients.

And so it goes on, project after project, generating an unnecessary sense of frustration and inefficiency that could be avoided.

Have you ever felt identified with this sense of frustration?

Well, digital technologies provide solutions to this problem, facilitating a much more satisfying and efficient workflow: The most advanced professional translation companies are able to offer a “Client Portal” as part of its services. At MondragonLingua we offer the LinguaHub Client Portal.

What benefits does a Client Portal provide to translation projects?

With a Client Portal, the users of the translation services (those responsible for translations in corporations or the users themselves), as well as the project managers at the translation agency and the linguists, they all work in the same environment.

This is a digital platform that interconnects the corporation with its translation company. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the level of security management required by the corporation, facilitating access levels only to certain posts.

The versions of the source documents are updated automatically, with the latest version of the source document prevailing at all time, thus completely eliminating the confusion of having different versions.

Furthermore, the translation memories (that priceless asset!) are available on the platform so that the linguists can use them in real time, thus guaranteeing terminological consistency and cost optimization.

And last but not least! Project traceability is guaranteed, given that the person responsible for the translation, or the user, can monitor the status of the project whenever they wish and in real time, without needing to call anyone.

Ultimately, using a Client Portal offers a great deal of agility, comfort and control to companies and corporations. It also acts as a repository of all your translations.

Do you want to know more? Call us and we will give you a demonstration of our LinguaHub Client Portal.