Localization of digital content means adapting software and applications to a specific region, language or culture.

(Translation: from one language to another language, or languages.Localization: making sure the translation is not just accurate but is also appropriate in style, imagery and tone for the region it is aimed at.)

Raising the quality bar

Not only is it essential to address the cultural characteristics of the market you aim to reach, it’s important to understand the technical aspects required. For instance, if you wish to localize for the Arabic market, bi-directional writing must be permitted in the development phase, double-byte characters in the case of Chinese, and so on for other cultural adaptation.

It’s also essential to manage specific localization formats and tools so the translatable text can be extracted from the code and enable adjustments to the text space. For example, translation from ENG to GER will cause a text-expansion of about 30%. Translation from ENG to JPN will cause it to contract by about 20%.

We can help you manage this through localization testing in each one of the target languages; including a linguistic expert checking the appropriateness, adaptation and functionality of the Web or software components that have been localized.

The future is global!

The Localization service works with the client to accomplish the goal of expanding its market and spectrum of clients through distributing its website or software to various countries, regions or languages.

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