The Interpretation service is essentially the activity of linguistic mediation consisting of transmitting oral discourse or sign language to create an equivalent discourse in a different language, either orally or in sign language.

Whatever the setting, success is guaranteed

. This service covers a range of possibilities depending on the setting required by the client: Simultaneous, Consecutive and Escort/Travel.

Simultaneous Interpretion service is performed in real time, in parallel to the speech uttered. In other words, the professional translation and reformulation is performed whilst the speaker is still speaking, which involves the overlap of the original speech with that of the interpretation. This type of interpretation service requires the involvement of professional technical teams (cabins, microphones, intercoms, etc).

In Consecutive Interpretation service the discourse is rendered into the desired language. The professional translation and interpretation occurs when the speaker finishes talking, or after phases of around 10 minutes, in other words, consecutively. When using this type of interpreting, interpreters resort to note-taking so as not to rely on their memory. This form does not require any technical resources.

Escort/Travel Interpretion service provides the client with the linguistic support of an interpreter who accompanies him/her at all times. An interpreter is necessary during sales meetings, visits, trade fairs, etc., given that this clearly improves the capacity for dialog between the different elements participating in this communication, through a form of interpreting that does not require any technical resources.

All the know-how so that you miss nothing

This interpretation service offers the client the possibility to cover their occasional, unwritten linguistic needs during conferences, visits, meetings and events.

The peace of mind of having the best

All the interpreters we use have extensive experience in interpreting, have the required technical knowledge and are specialized in different professional sectors.

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