Our clients are leaders in their sectors. Here’s how we meet their needs:


Files are sent from our clients, either through our secure portal or via email, in their native format or as text.  We conduct a deep analysis of the files, make certain that translations into the target language are an exact match of the content contained in the source language, then perform a thorough examination and editing of the content in the context of its original purpose. We use only professional linguists who are not only native speakers of the target language but also possess domain-expertise.  This ensures content is translated accurately and in-context.

Comprehensive QA then takes place, both by an expert Project Management Team and the use of Quality and Terminology Management Tools.

Translated files are returned to the client.


Not all content is created equally. Marketing content differs greatly, for example, from Technical Documentation in terms of Style and Voice. There are different business needs as well: Marketing depends on speed, especially today, with multiple channels clamoring for attention. Sometimes this need for speed takes precedence over absolute accuracy. But in other cases, especially when producing content for training or technical needs, accuracy is the absolute priority.  We understand this. We calibrate our translation process to reflect the dynamics of individual projects. And we price accordingly.


Accuracy and appropriateness of these texts affect a client’s corporate image.Our Translation and Editing process meets ISO 17100:2015.  Our process ensures the highest quality professional translations through the application of the “four eyes” principle to mitigate any potential mistakes or errors.


How can you optimize your content prior to translation to lower costs, reduce turn-around and mitigate risk? How will your content be perceived? What are the risks on the corporate image or strategies for company growth?  MondragonLingua offers consulting to help ensure your global success. Often this is simply a part of our service to you, but clients also ask us to “step outside” and provide them with an unvarnished evaluation of their content. How will you avoid offending cultural sensibilities? What about SEO for global markets?  There are many elements to consider. We will help you navigate them!

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