The DTP service consists of composing the pages of the document, combining their different elements: images, texts, icons, tables, buttons (in the case of interactive DTP), and following the exact guidelines set out by the design, in such a manner that the composition possesses editorial logic and harmony in the corresponding languages.
This service also offers the possibility of organizing written, visual, and in some cases, audiovisual (multimedia) content into a space, through printed and electronic media, as well as websites and publications.

The best ideas need a tailor-made space

A well-translated text deserves suitable DTP so that the reader’s experience is enjoyable. Once printed, the typography or composition of the text, which vary a great deal from one language to another, must be inviting to the reader.
The DTP service takes care of all the necessary details to achieve excellence in each project: An appropriate typography, spacing between words, line spacing, paragraph spacing, separation between the text and the image, location of the image on the page, etc. All with the aim of achieving attractive reading and perfect conditions for comprehension.

Absolutely everything

The service covers the full editorial needs of the client by providing the translated texts, whether printed or electronic, in their final format ready for printing and publication.

A service that can be summarized in one word: Professionalism

All the DTP tasks are performed by specialists in the graphic arts and formatting, qualified and with vast experience in the field and with the necessary graphic tools to complete the service.

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