The Consultancy service comprises the analysis of the client’s conditions, environment and needs in order to provide assessment in relation to any linguistic activity that may be required.

A world of possibilities within your reach

Consultancy covers the drafting of original texts, and their internationalization*, localization**and standardization***, as well as their document translation, terminology management and DTP and design requirements.

Internationalization* is the process of designing software in a manner in which it may be adapted to different languages and regions without the need for engineering or code changes.
Localization** is the process of adapting the software for a specific region through the addition of components that are specific to an area (= regional configuration) and the document translation, which is also known as regionalization.
Standardization*** is the establishment of minimum writing, style and terminology standards by a client.

A service that improves and broadens expectations

Any client requesting this type of service can use it to improve the consistency and quality of its texts and corporate communications, reduce costs through internationalization and standardization and improve or establish its corporate image.

Technology and responsible professionals at your service

All Consultancy projects involve linguistic and terminology engineers as well as the use of tools and teams that have been specially designed and prepared for these types of functions.

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