How to obtain the best performance in each project

The localization and translation services of MondragonLingua are based on the integration of a series of latest generation linguistic tools and technologies, which offer a robust, flexible and continuously optimized translation service.

1 – Request
Request the translation of files through the Website portal, your own CMS or by email.

2 – Analysis
We perform an exhaustive analysis of the file to be translated and prepare a quotation. We accept orders in almost any format or medium.

3 – Preprocessing
We transform the file into a format that can be used on our computer assisted translation and machine translation tools. At the same time, the translation memories and glossaries are created to generate the “translation package”.

4 – Organization
We organize the translation service project by assembling the necessary human team and incorporating the available linguistic and engineering resources that are most suitable for each client. There is a PM (Project Manager) who oversees the project, generates a schedule of deliveries and ensures compliance with the quality, cost and time requirements.

5 – Execution
We translate the content through our network of professional translators and review the translation. If necessary, DTP is performed on the translated content or the translation is adapted to the required platform, website, CMS, etc.

6 – Delivery
A final review is performed (sign off) to check that all the steps have been satisfactorily completed and the end product is delivered to the client by the previously agreed method.

7 – Updates
We update the client’s linguistic resources (memories, glossaries, MT language models) to reduce the number of words to translate and in order to apply this financial saving to the client’s future projects.


The endorsement of a leading group

MondragonLingua forms part of the Engineering and Business Services Division of MONDRAGON.