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Recruitment process and training of resources

The Resources department is responsible for coordinating, training and managing the team of expert translators and native proofreaders, as well as the backup team. These are the instructions they follow:

All translators and proofreaders must be familiar with the terminology relating to the topics, or areas for which they have been contracted. They shall be provided links to glossaries and other search tools relating to the required terminology

Webinar training sessions will be given by an expert linguist and translator. Emphasis shall be placed on the requirements, reference material and priority of use; special requirements which must be verified before the delivery of the translation, as well as practical training in the use of specific applications, as is the case with the CaixaBank secure translation tool

Detailed feedback from an expert proofreader, which shall focus on any errors committed and explain the corrections implemented

The PM has a list (dynamic report) of translators based on the results obtained from both internal and external evaluations. Each translator’s or proofreader’s position may vary depending on the results obtained from the evaluations of work perfromed.

If you are a professional translator with expertise in any of our specialist fields, we would like you to join our team.

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