An advanced translation agency adapted to the client

Did you know that we can optimize your company’s translation process and avoid the 5 most bothersome inconveniences?


In many of our translation projects we have found obstacles that hinder the client’s work. Our attitude has always been to offer an easy translation service adapted to the client, and for that reason, we have looked for solutions to the 5 most bothersome inconveniences in translation projects for companies:

  1. “Changes, different versions prior to the final one and multiple deliverables by email add up, so I end up with a lot of documents and I don’t even know which one is the final one”.

Thanks to the Collaborative Platform, the translation of the document takes place in a file in the cloud that is constantly updated, accessible to both the client and the translation agency. That way, the client the doesn´t need to send documents by email when they want to make contributions or keep up with changes made by our professional translators. Therefore, we have a single document that is updated in real time and in a completely transparent way.

  1. “Every time I want to order a professional translation I have to export and import the content manually from the website”.

Clients can place orders much more easily with our Translation Connectors. A plug-in is installed on the client’s CMS or web platform and acts as a bridge between the client and the translation agency and thus the client can place orders from their own website with just one click; no need to export or import anything.

  1. “I have to review every translation I receive to make sure that the criteria of my brand are followed”.

We create Translation Memories and personal glossaries for each client and feed them with each translation service we carry out in order to ensure that all translations comply with the client’s specifications and are always consistent.

  1. “Every time we start a new translation service, we have to start from scratch without benefitting from any previous translations”.

Thanks to the Translation Memories and the glossaries we can take advantage of the professional translations made in the past, saving time and money. In addition, thanks to these Translation Memories, clients can have all their translations together on a single provider.

  1. “Once I place the order, I have no way of knowing how the translation is goin, or tracking the process and times”.

With our Client Portal, cleints can see the status of their project at any time and communicate with the translation team easily and quickly. Through this portal, accessible with a personal password, we streamline a large part of the processes and manage translation services quickly and efficiently.

At MondragonLingua, we stand out by our commitment to technology and innovation, and that is why we offer our clients the latest technologies in terms of linguistic and translation services, and we participate in research projects. Our company is large enough to be able to apply the necessary innovations in the area of linguistics and digital technologies, and small enough to be able to adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients. Do you want to know more about the technology we use? Click here and find out!